Window Cleaning

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Let us take care of your windows so you can enjoy your time!

    Or call 050 1209
    Let us take care of your windows so you can enjoy your time!

      Or call 050 1209

      3 reasons to outsource your Window Cleaning to Koti Puhtaaksi Oy

      Creating a happier Finland – One home at a time

      What is Included in Window Cleaning?

      We bring all necessary solutions and equipment, except ladders.

      Whole House
      • All window surfaces will be wiped clean
      • Blinds will be dry wiped (wet wiping upon agreement)
      • Window frames and possible “hood” will be wiped clean
      • Curtains, furniture and other items blocking windows will be moved away and back once work is finished
      • Floor will be covered for the time of cleaning
      • Balcony and terrace windows will be cleaned upon agreement
      Take Note
      • If the home has very large windows, we will bring window supports. This needs to be communicated while booking the service. In case it’s not possible to open the windows safely, windows will be cleaned for the part that is possible.
      • If windows can be only be cleaned outside, they will be cleaned within limitations allowed by weather and environmental conditions.
      • Type A ladders are necessary for cleaning windows that reach higher than three meters from the floor. If the customer does not have type A ladders, we will bring our own for a fee of 50‚ā¨.
      • Maximum height for washable windows is five meters. Windows above three meters cannot be opened (this is defined by law), and they will be washed with an extension to the shaft.
      • Estimated window cleaning times are always approximates. Actual time to complete window cleaning is determined by the size of windows, when they were last cleaned, do they open easily, do they have 2, 4 or 6 washable surfaces, is there any hardened dirt attached to the surface, and if there are heavy furniture that needs to be moved away from the window. If we cannot finish the work in an agreed timeframe, we will get in touch with our customer and agree on the continuation on a case-by-case basis.

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      How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

      Here you’ll see the full price of the window cleaning before and after tax deduction.

      Helsinki Area

      From 54,80 ‚ā¨ / hr

      After Tax Credit

      From 21,92 ‚ā¨ / hr

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      Rest of Finland

      From 49,80 ‚ā¨ / hr

      After Tax Credit

      From 19,92 ‚ā¨ / hr

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      Cleanings Performed

      38 500

      ...and growing daily!

      Average Customer Rating

      4,7 / 5

      Happy employeees create happy customers.

      "Koti tuli ihanan puhtaaksi, kiitos!"

      Johanna Pekkarinen / FB

      "Olen ollut asiakas vuosia, ja aina tyytyväinen palveluun"

      Juuso Jankama / FB-arvostelu

      "Erinomainen palvelu, työn jälki moitteetonta ja siivoojat olivat ihania! Suosittelen!"

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What do I need to take into consideration before window cleaning?

      Don’t clean yourself, we want to do it for you! If there are a lot of items in front of your windows, you can move them aside to help us complete our work faster. When making a reservation for Window Cleaning, let us know if a window support is required to open the windows safely. We will bring the support with us. Also let us know if your windows reach above three meters above floor level. Then we will also bring type A ladder.

      How do I apply for tax credit for household expenses?

      Tax credit can be applied afterwards. You can notify the Tax Administration about the service you paid for via OmaVero online service or via postal mail with a separate form. For more information, visit

      Is the cleaning personnel always the same?

      At least one of your cleaners will be familiar, meaning they have visited your home at least once. Should all the familiar domestic cleaners be unavailable, we will notify you via phone and discuss how to proceed.

      Do you use locally produced cleaning solutions?

      Yes. We use Kiilto Natura product line, which is a locally made, eco-friendly cleaning solution.

      Are your cleaning solutions odorless?

      All cleaning solutions we use are odorless.

      During which hours do you perform window cleaning?

      Monday through Friday between 8:00 and 17:00.

      What is your response to domestic household pets?

      All pets are okay. If you own a pet or multiple pets, please let us know during reservation, so that we can prepare for it when we arrive.

      Do you also clean huts and cottages?

      Of course. If your cottage is located within our service area. What would be better than start a nice cottage weekend or a summer holiday at a cottage, that has been freshly cleaned!

      When do I receive my invoice?

      Invoices for recurring cleaning agreement are sent within the first full week of the next month. Non-recurring, one time cleaning services are invoiced one week after the session.

      Can I opt in for electronic invoicing?

      You can opt in for electronic invoicing via your online banking.

      What if something breaks?

      We have a wide coverage up to one million euros and we are active in any possible liability scenarios. Our customer service will assist you on how to proceed with your complaint. If possible, please take a picture of the damage as soon as possible, and do not throw a broken item away.

      What are the minimum hours billed?

      For non-recurring, one time visitation we have a minimum of 4 hours. For recurring cleaning service, the minimum is 3 hours.

      How do I make changes to my order?

      You can make changes to your order and the schedule by contacting our customer service via phone at 050 1209 or through email at [email protected]. If you need to make changes to your next scheduled cleaning session, please get in touch as soon as possible!

      How do I cancel my domestic cleaning visitation?

      You can cancel a scheduled cleaning session free of charge one week before the scheduled time. You can cancel the visit by contacting our customer service at 050 1209 or via email at [email protected].

      What is the time limit to make a complaint?

      Complaints must be submitted within one day from the cleaning session.

      How do I apply for tax credit for household expenses?

      Tax credit can be applied afterwards. You can notify the Tax Administration about the service you paid for via OmaVero online service or via postal mail with a separate form. For more information, visit

      How are visitations scheduled in recurring agreement?

      Recurrence is agreed in advance. In a recurring agreement, visitations will recur based on agreed schedule. For example, we will come to clean your house every two weeks on Friday at 8:00.

      We care about your home ‚Äď And your windows

      Window Cleaning Services in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Tampere and Turku. We currently employ over 100 domestic cleaners and our Koti Puhtaaksi family is constantly growing.

      We perform regular domestic cleaning, as well as allergy cleaning, repair cleaning, window cleaning, and domestic help services with over a decade of experience. Our domestic cleaning services are offered with one-off or recurring visitations, and with a flexible choice of bi-weekly or monthly schedule, for example. We also take care of large and challenging homes and other targets.

      We are a responsible service provider and employer. Satisfied customers and happy employees are extremely important to us. We aim to provide our customers with the best domestic cleaning and customer service experience in all of Finland. The environment is always taken into consideration when we make choices. We have been awarded with the title of the best company in Finland and the best employer in the Pirkanmaa region in 2019.

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      Window cleaning services make everyday life easier and more convenient. Whether you need cleaning for your own home or the house of a loved one, we are delighted to help.

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