Special cleaning

https://www.kotipuhtaaksi.fi/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/DSC02719-Edit-mv.jpgDeep and wet cleaning of textiles maximizes the life of your carpets, couches and other furniture.

Deep cleaning removes loose dirt and litter from the textile. This is especially good for thick carpets for which beating isnt enough. After deep cleaning, wet cleaning can be done if necessary. Our wet cleaning system sprays cleaning agents in the textile and vacuums it off right away.

Vacuum cleaning of bed kills and removes dust mites. These microscopical creatures get on well in beds. Plenty of food available and right thermal conditions be sure to remove them every now and then!

We vacuum the entire bed, which causes the dust mites to die and raise to the surface. After that they can be removed with our electrical brush nozzle along other litter.After tax credit

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